NY Pedestrian Accident: Pedestrian cut down in Queens street by motorcycle

A motorcycle struck and critically injured a man on a Queens street. The operator of the motorcycle had been drinking prior to the pedestrian accident.

New York CPLR Article 16 by New York City Personal Injury Attorney – Nicholas Papain

New York  City Personal Injury Lawyer Nicholas Papain Explains How New York CPLR Article 16 Modifies the Traditional Common Law Rule of Joint and Several Liability in Products Liability and Other Personal Injury Cases New York does not follow the traditional law of joint and several liability. At common law, when a plaintiff-that is the […]

When Are Liens and Claims to Be Repaid from Car Accident Lawsuit Settlements?

By Christopher T. McGrath, Esq. -In this article, New York lawyer Christopher McGrath describes the circumstances when a victim of a car accident must repay liens following the settlement of a lawsuit.   In New York, the settlement of a lawsuit may require the repayment of all or a portion of workers compensation benefits previously […]