The legal system is a hallmark of our society – a forum for seeking justice and accountability. But it can also be confusing, complex – and underutilized. Too often, wrongful acts / personal injuries go unanswered not because the victim’s claim was weak, but because it was never brought – or not guided properly through the system. New York Injury News seeks to change that. We’re an online news publication whose mission is simple: to educate individuals on the potential dangers that exist within our community, and to help attorneys master the procedures and tactics that bring success, both in the courtroom and at the settlement table. We’re a resource for reporters looking to find, and understand, hot-button legal topics; for law students getting their first taste of the legal profession; for new lawyers who want – and need – to home in on the latest substantive and procedural developments.

It’s a mission we accomplish by publishing articles and press releases covering topics such as motor vehicle accidents, municipal and premises liability, medical malpractice, construction accidents, and work-related firefighter injuries and death – all written by attorneys who are expert in their field. But we don’t just report on developments. By writing about their day-to-day experiences and observations regarding the legal system, our contributors provide insight as well as knowledge. And that’s what enables readers to get the most out of the legal system – and protect themselves and their loved ones.

Through topical, accessible content, New York Injury News provides the information – and the know-how – to make sure the legal system works as it was intended: protecting rights, and obtaining answers.