A Driver Cannot Proceed Through a Green Light Without taking Note of Potential Dangers

By Christopher T. McGrath Esq.   New York Under New York Law, a driver approaching an intersection with a green light must take note of all the surrounding circumstances before entering that intersection.  Even with a green light, a driver must be aware of other traffic which may be entering the intersection. In Nuziale v. Paper […]

Robert Sullivan Addresses the Failure to Monitor Labor and the Necessity of Caesarean Section Delivery

In this educational piece, New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Robert G. Sullivan, Esq. describes how the failure to monitor a delivery, and, in some instances, perform a Caesarean Section delivery, can lead to medical malpractice. All too often, individuals are harmed when health care professionals either fail to properly monitor a woman during labor or […]

Fatal Fire in Chinatown Building

At approximately 3:47am on Tuesday, a four alarm blaze broke out in a six-story residential building in lower Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood. The fire, at 22 James Street, left one resident dead and injured 28 others. The identity of the deceased, a 32 year-old man who lived on the 3rd floor of the building, was not […]

New York Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Discusses Recent Case Involving A Truck Accident

During the winter months, many motor vehicle accidents occur on New York’s roadways because of the accumulation of snow, ice, slush and rain.  Drivers are expected to operate their motor vehicles with full consideration of changing weather and road conditions. Rear end collisions are common during inclimate weather.  In  New York, a rear end collision […]

Windy Day in New York City Leaves One Worker Dead

Powerful winds blowing up to 50mph in the New York City region knocked down trees, toppled power lines and threw metal construction debris into the air.   The gales are blamed for toppling a wall onto a 59 year-old construction worker on Staten Island, killing him. The wall, 60 feet in height and 100 feet in […]

Food Plant Knowingly Shipped Peanut Products Contaminated With Salmonella

In a Congressional house panel hearing today, it was revealed that Stewart Parnell, the owner of Peanut Corporation of America, sent corporate e-mails ordering the shipments of bacteria-laden peanut products, brushing aside safety concerns. According to the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), a private laboratory had previously tested the company’s Georgia plant, finding Salmonella in […]

New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Robert G. Sullivan, Esq. Describes the Dangers of Anesthesia

In this informative article, Robert Sullivan, Esq., a New York medical malpractice attorney, explains that a skilled anesthesiologist is just as important as a good surgeon for the successful outcome of an operation. When a patient undergoes surgery, a primary concern is often the reputation of the hospital and the expertise of the surgeon.   The […]

New York City Injury Lawyer Discusses New York’s No-Fault Law and How To Protect Yourself In The event Of An Accident

Christopher T. McGrath discusses New York’s No-Fault Law and How To Protect Yourself In The event Of  An Accident Aside from Mandatory Personal Injury Protection (“Mandatory PIP”) in New York, commonly known as the No-Fault law[1], a motorist may further protect himself or herself by purchasing Additional Personal Injury Protection (“Additional PIP”).  This important excess […]