Medical Malpractice Attorney Robert Sullivan Discusses Shoulder Dystocia, a Routine Complication of Birth that Often Leads to Medical Negligence with Serious Injury

In this timely article, New York medical malpractice lawyer Robert G. Sullivan reveals that a common occurrence at the delivery of babies often leads to negligence on the part of hospital staffs, resulting in permanent injury to the newborn. Shoulder dystocia is a routine complication that arises during births.  Shoulder dystocia occurs when an infant’s […]

New York Attorney Christopher McGrath Explains What’s Required to Sue for Injuries Resulting from a Car Accident

When No-Fault Insurance is Not Enough – In this article, New York lawyer Christopher T. McGrath explains that not all victims of motor vehicle accidents necessarily have a legal claim.  New York’s “threshold” requirements for these types of cases mean that only “serious injury” claims may be pursued.  Mr. McGrath describes how the law defines […]

Municipalities Can Be Held Liable When They Act Like Private Companies

By: Vito A. Cannavo – New York Lawyer –  When a municipality undertakes an activity normally performed by a private company, it can be held liable for damage that it causes.  This rule can help plaintiffs overcome the requirement of a special relationship, which can be a barrier to recovering against a municipality. Two recent […]

New York Premise Liability Attorney Discusses When A Municipality Is Responsible For A Negligent Driver

By Vito A. Cannavo, Esq.  – New York City Trial lawyer, Vito A. Cannavo, Esq.experienced in municipal and premise liability, educates on the issue of a jury’s determination as to whether a municipality is responsible for a negligent driver in car accident lawsuits. A victim can recover against a municipality for injuries sustained in an automobile […]

Door Buster Sales Legislation in the Works

In response to the recent tragedy that occurred on Black Friday, in which droves of stampeding shoppers led to the trampling death of a Wal-Mart employee, City Councilman James Gennaro of Queens is proposing a bill which will require retailers to heighten security during big sales. This bill will also hold retailers liable for injuries […]

Food Poisoning and Food Products Liability Claims

By Nicholas Papain, Esq. Food poisoning, a human illness caused by contaminated foods or beverages, remains a common hazard of modern life. Food poisoning encompasses a wide range of symptoms and injuries. The effects may be relatively minor, involving episodes of fevers and chills, muscle aches or nausea and vomiting. More serious food poisoning cases […]

New York Hospitals Under Pressure to “Keep it Clean” to Prevent Infections

By Robert G. Sullivan, Esq. Imagine undergoing a routine surgery, only to find out days later that while being admitted to the hospital, you contracted a serious, possibly life-threatening infection on the premises. Sadly, this scenario is becoming all too common in New York hospitals, as hospital infections kill more people each year than AIDS, […]