New York Lawyer Robert G. Sullivan Discusses Medical Malpractice Actions and “Secret” Interviews of Patients’ Treating Physicians

New York City, NY — New York Injury News — In this article, Robert G. Sullivan, Esq., an advocate for patients injured by medical negligence, sheds light on a little known practice used by attorneys representing healthcare providers.  Under a recent decision, Arons v. Jutkowitz, attorneys for doctors and hospitals sued for medical malpractice may […]

Breast Cancer and Tools for Early Detection by New York City medical malpractice lawyer

By Robert G. Sullivan, Esq. –  According to the United States Center for Disease Control (“CDC”), breast cancer is the fifth leading cause of death among women over 40. Preventing breast cancer starts with personal awareness and intelligent decisions. When breast cancer is detected and treated at an early stage, many women go on to […]

Robert G. Sullivan, New York City Medical Malpractice Attorney – Right to Access – Medical Records

Robert G. Sullivan, Medical Malpractice Attorney, Advises Patients of the Right to Access Their Medical Records Under New York Law Many patients do not know that they have an absolute right to access their records and charts from the doctors and hospitals caring for them.  In this revealing article, New York medical malpractice attorney Robert […]

New York CPLR Article 16 by New York City Personal Injury Attorney – Nicholas Papain

New York  City Personal Injury Lawyer Nicholas Papain Explains How New York CPLR Article 16 Modifies the Traditional Common Law Rule of Joint and Several Liability in Products Liability and Other Personal Injury Cases New York does not follow the traditional law of joint and several liability. At common law, when a plaintiff-that is the […]

Medical Malpractice Attorney from New York City Explains Importance, Early Detection – Treatment of Lung Cancer

In this informative piece, New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Robert G. Sullivan, Esq. explains why the timely detection and treatment of lung cancer is so important to patients.  Mr. Sullivan also describes the catastrophic consequences of a failure to diagnose the disease, an omission that may be the basis for a medical malpractice action. Lung […]

New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Robert G. Sullivan Explains What Must Be Done to Assert a Claim for Medical Malpractice against a Municipal Medical Facility

In this informative article, New York medical malpractice attorney Robert Sullivan, Esq. discusses the requirements to satisfy in order to assert a claim for medical malpractice against a municipal medical facility in New York City. Thousands of people in the New York Metropolitan area entrust their medical care and treatment to City-owned and operated medical […]

New York Accident Attorney Explains Optional Basic Economic Loss coverage

New York Attorney Christopher McGrath Explains Benefits of Optional Basic Economic Loss Coverage to Those Injured in Car Accidents In this informative and helpful piece, attorney Christopher T. McGrath advises car insurance holders in New York to consider purchasing Optional Basic Economic Loss coverage.  This addition to basic, state-mandated coverage protects automobile accident victims with […]

New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Addresses the Complications of a Colonoscopy

Robert G. Sullivan, Esq., New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Addresses the Complications of a Colonoscopy, Emphasizing the Importance of Patient Awareness In this insightful article, Robert G. Sullivan, Esq., a New York medical malpractice attorney, describes the risks of injuries posed by colonoscopies, used for routine screening of colorectal cancer, and why it is important […]

Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Violent and Sudden Movements of a Bus

New York Attorney Christopher McGrath Discusses the Legal Consequences for Injured Passengers – In this insightful article, attorney Christopher T. McGrath explains that New Yorkers, injured while traveling on buses, may face unique defenses when they seek compensation from operators. Any rider of a New York City bus has experienced a time when he or […]

The “Yes” On Negligence but “No” On Causation Auto Liability Verdict, Part II

In this final article of a two part legal series, New York trial attorney Christopher T. McGrath warns of certain auto accident case verdicts that may not be sustainable. By Christopher T. McGrath, Esq. In a prior article, I noted that the “Yes But No” auto liability verdict — the verdict in which a jury […]