Selecting a Professional and Reputable Mammography Facility

By Robert G. Sullivan, Esq. In a previous article, I discussed the importance of screening and diagnostic mammographies. What is equally important to a patient is the selection of a professional and reputable radiology facility for these critical studies. A patient should never assume that all radiology facilities are the same. Like many things in […]

The Importance of Mammography

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Rights of Workers Injured on a Barge

Nicholas Papain- New York Personal Injury Lawyer, Construction accident attorney Papain on Rights of Workers Injured on a Barge.

Patient Experiences Demonstrate the Real Dangers of Improperly Performed Cosmetic Dentistry

New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Robert G. Sullivan, Esq says:An investigation into the qualifications of your dentist is equally important.

Media Coverage and Personal Injury Lawsuits Against Public Transportation

Frequently when a personal injury trial gets attention from the press, the media will put a tabloid ‘spin’ on the story to bolster TV ratings and publication sales. The media publicized a recent trial involving injuries to a bicycle rider whom two witnesses stated ran through a red light in Harlem. The case still managed […]

Congress Shelves $10.9 Billion Health Care Bill for Ground Zero Workers

Congress recently shelved a $10.9 billion federal health care bill for sick 9/11 workers. The City, through Mayor Bloomberg, opposed the bill because of a provision that would require it to pay $500 million of the total cost of the health program over the next 10 years. Many New Yorkers, directly affected by the attacks […]

New York’s False Claims Act Cleans Up Business Practices and Rewards Whistle Blowers

By Nicholas Papain, Esq. In 2007, New York State enacted into law the New York False Claim Act. The law, modeled after a federal statute created during the Civil War to combat corrupt contractors, imposes liability on those who “knowingly present or cause to be presented to the state or a local government, a false […]

Daughter of “Funny Cide” Jockey Sentenced for DWI that Left One Dead

The New York City personal injury Lawyers an online personal injury news service in New York City covering: Daughter of “Funny Cide” Jockey Sentenced for DWI that Left One Dead