When There is a Duty to Speak Carefully

In this insightful article, New York trial attorney Vito A Cannavo, Esq. discusses the release of misinformation and how it may result in liability for negligence in a commercial setting under New York law.  By Vito A. Cannavo, Esq  When can the careless provision of misinformation give rise to liability?  Surprisingly, the issue has not […]

Claim May Proceed To Trial For Person Who Slipped And Fell On Wet Lobby Floor

By Vito A. Cannavo,Esq. Of Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo P.C. When a floor is wet and a visitor slips and falls, the owner of the premises may be liable to the injured party under a theory of negligence.  It is well established that owners and lessees have a duty to maintain their property […]

New York Law Requires that Contractors Take Precautions Against Fire with Specific Steps

By Michael N. Block, Esq — New York City, New York  — New York Injury News —   According to the United States Fire Administration (“USFA”), in 2005 there were 10 fire deaths per million people in New York State.  Last year, fire killed more Americans than all natural disasters combined. (Source; USFA: Fire Statistics […]

Negligence Q & A – by New York Injury News

Negligence is deemed by many as one of the most complex terms in regards to the law says New York City Injury Lawyer. If a person is injured as a result of the negligence of another, it may be necessary to contact a personal injury attorney in their area.