When There is a Duty to Speak Carefully

In this insightful article, New York trial attorney Vito A Cannavo, Esq. discusses the release of misinformation and how it may result in liability for negligence in a commercial setting under New York law.  By Vito A. Cannavo, Esq  When can the careless provision of misinformation give rise to liability?  Surprisingly, the issue has not […]

Landowners’ Liability under New York Law for Conditions on their Property

By Vito A. Cannavo, Esq. New York City, New York  (New York Injury News — New York Injury Lawyers Forum) — Under New York law, a landowner may be liable to a visitor injured on his or her property if a dangerous condition exists that is not open and obvious.  In a case entitled Roros […]

Claim May Proceed To Trial For Person Who Slipped And Fell On Wet Lobby Floor

By Vito A. Cannavo,Esq. Of Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo P.C. When a floor is wet and a visitor slips and falls, the owner of the premises may be liable to the injured party under a theory of negligence.  It is well established that owners and lessees have a duty to maintain their property […]