New York Lawyer Robert G. Sullivan Discusses Medical Malpractice Actions and “Secret” Interviews of Patients’ Treating Physicians

New York City, NY — New York Injury News — In this article, Robert G. Sullivan, Esq., an advocate for patients injured by medical negligence, sheds light on a little known practice used by attorneys representing healthcare providers.  Under a recent decision, Arons v. Jutkowitz, attorneys for doctors and hospitals sued for medical malpractice may […]

The “Yes” On Negligence but “No” On Causation Auto Liability Verdict, Part I

In this first article of a two part car accident legal series, New York trial attorney Christopher T McGrath educates on the topic of court rulings in regards to jury verdicts holding a party negligent, but not liable for the causation of the auto accident. By Christopher T McGrath, Esq. The auto case goes to […]