New York Lawyer Robert G. Sullivan Discusses Medical Malpractice Actions and “Secret” Interviews of Patients’ Treating Physicians

New York City, NY — New York Injury News — In this article, Robert G. Sullivan, Esq., an advocate for patients injured by medical negligence, sheds light on a little known practice used by attorneys representing healthcare providers.  Under a recent decision, Arons v. Jutkowitz, attorneys for doctors and hospitals sued for medical malpractice may […]

Knowing Your Rights – The Statute of Limitations for Medical Negligence

by Robert G. Sullivan,Esq of Sullivan Papain Block McGrath and Cannavo,P.C. There are very few hard and fast rules under New York law.  However, the statute of limitations while one of the most fundamental, is also one of the most rigid and strict rules of law in this State.  The statute of limitations is how […]

Boy suffers brain aneurism. Doctor failed to diagnose.True Story By Long Island Medical Negligence Attorney

Robert Sullivan a Long Island medical negligence lawyer says it is parent’s nightmare to lose a young child, but that turned out to be reality for one family in this medical malpractice case. Get legal answers to your New York State Medical Malpractice questions.