Self-Defense? You Decide in this case of Premises Liability

New York premises liability lawyer educates on  premises liability laws in New York State. New York City, New York ( — New York can be a tough city. It is easy for a simple disagreement to get blown out of proportion and turn into physical violence. Many of us at one point in our lives […]

A Motorcycle Accident Case – As explained by Long Island Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

Long Island, New York ( — Out of all the types of roadway accidents, motorcycle accidents can be particularly devastating. There are naturally higher risks of injury when on is on an unprotected motorcycle. A motorcycle is also smaller than a car and has less built in safety mechanisms (i.e. seat belts, front and side […]

Take Two Aspirins – Medical Malpractice in Long Island Hospital

New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Robert Sullivan brings courtroom cases studies on the web.  Mineola, New York ( — One of the worst health related tragedies that can occur is the misdiagnosis of a heart attack. In this day and age you would think with all the sophisticated medical procedures and equipment that we have, […]