Landowners’ Liability under New York Law for Conditions on their Property

By Vito A. Cannavo, Esq. New York City, New York  (New York Injury News — New York Injury Lawyers Forum) — Under New York law, a landowner may be liable to a visitor injured on his or her property if a dangerous condition exists that is not open and obvious.  In a case entitled Roros […]

Knowing Your Rights – The Statute of Limitations for Medical Negligence

by Robert G. Sullivan,Esq of Sullivan Papain Block McGrath and Cannavo,P.C. There are very few hard and fast rules under New York law.  However, the statute of limitations while one of the most fundamental, is also one of the most rigid and strict rules of law in this State.  The statute of limitations is how […]

Truck runs red light, kills three

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Quick approval is not always a good thing

The Federal Drug Administration’s duty to the citizens of America is to put safe drugs on the shelves of convenience stores and in pharmacies. Yet, how much do this federal agency value its responsibility? It seems that today, it is much easier than ten, twenty years ago to get a drug approved and on the […]

Motorcycle accident injury news, New York teacher dies in motorcycle crash

New York City, New York ( — An English teacher of the Jemicy School of Towson died in a motorcycle accident recently. His mother said that he was going to Vermont for a vacation. The New York State police said that 29-year old Gary Anthony ‘Tony’ Smith lived in Griffin Court in Fells Point. He […]

New York road accident shatters dreams of a young girl

Syracuse, New York ( — Julie Tsang, 17, was killed by a drunk driver just moments after her graduation from high school and was heading to a party where she was to celebrate her bright future. Tsang left her parent’s Chinatown apartment not knowing this would be her last time with them. The accident took […]