Simplicity Bassinets No Longer Sold By Major Retailers after Government Alerts of Dangers

New York Injury News – an alert has been announced for Simplicity Bassinets after two infant deaths were reported. Major US retailers, including Wal-Mart, announced that they would no longer be selling the affected products in their stores. Consumers who purchased the bassinets at these retailers will be offered store credit for returning them. As […]

Prerequisites for a victorious product liability claim explains Manhattan product liability lawyer

Manhattan, New York ( — Product liability claims vary according to the state where you reside. Normally, the basis for defective product cases is strict liability instead of negligence. That is to say, it is not essential to prove the defendant’s fault, but to win the case, your attorney must be able to prove: * […]

Lead Paint and your Child – Product Liability News Update by New York Injury News

New York City banned the use of lead-based paint says Nicholas Papain – New York City Product Liability Trial Lawyer. For questions related to personal injury or if your child has been effected by lead paint and you have questions, complete the form below and our team of New York Personal Injury attorneys will address your situation in the next news post.

The Vioxx Settlement – Manhattan Product Liability Lawyer Educates

New York city product liability lawyer outlines eligibility. To be eligible, you must have started a lawsuit or have entered into an agreement with Merck to “toll” (that is put off filing) a lawsuit. Get the latest news by Manhattan Product Liability Lawyer, New Jersey defective products legal expert, attorney at law Nicholas Papain.

How to issue a claim for product liability by New York Product Liability Attorneys

New York City product liability lawyers says – while the applicable laws in regards to defect product cases differ from state to state, there are a couple of legal theories common to all jurisdictions that might form the basis for a winning a successful liability case.