Deal for ground zero responders reached, awaiting final approval

An agreement has been reached for city workers, construction companies, and over 10,000 ground zero rescue and recovery members, could pay up to $657.5 million. Legal news for New York employment attorneys – Payouts for workers involved in ground-zero cleanup range from few thousand to over $1 million New York – ( – As reported […]

Pennsylvania motor vehicle collision kills New York City driver – New York personal injury attorneys news force

Route 22 car crash on the Easton Toll Bridge causes driver fatality plus 2 injured. New York, NY(–Pennsylvania State Police near the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border responded to a two car crash on the Easton Toll Bridge, on Sunday. As reported by The Morning Call, a New York City driver swerved into westbound traffic, struck a […]

New York truck driver found must pay $750,000

New Jersey jury verdict rules traffic directing New York truck driver 50% liable. New York, NY(–As reported by MSNBC, a New Jersey court room found a New York truck driver 50% liable for the $1.5 million jury verdict ruled for damages suffered by a New Jersey motorcyclist. According to court records, David Carhuamacca, a truck […]

Fatal Fire in Chinatown Building

At approximately 3:47am on Tuesday, a four alarm blaze broke out in a six-story residential building in lower Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood. The fire, at 22 James Street, left one resident dead and injured 28 others. The identity of the deceased, a 32 year-old man who lived on the 3rd floor of the building, was not […]

Windy Day in New York City Leaves One Worker Dead

Powerful winds blowing up to 50mph in the New York City region knocked down trees, toppled power lines and threw metal construction debris into the air.   The gales are blamed for toppling a wall onto a 59 year-old construction worker on Staten Island, killing him. The wall, 60 feet in height and 100 feet in […]

Breast Cancer and Tools for Early Detection by New York City medical malpractice lawyer

By Robert G. Sullivan, Esq. –  According to the United States Center for Disease Control (“CDC”), breast cancer is the fifth leading cause of death among women over 40. Preventing breast cancer starts with personal awareness and intelligent decisions. When breast cancer is detected and treated at an early stage, many women go on to […]

Medical Malpractice Attorney from New York City Explains Importance, Early Detection – Treatment of Lung Cancer

In this informative piece, New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Robert G. Sullivan, Esq. explains why the timely detection and treatment of lung cancer is so important to patients.  Mr. Sullivan also describes the catastrophic consequences of a failure to diagnose the disease, an omission that may be the basis for a medical malpractice action. Lung […]