When There is a Duty to Speak Carefully

In this insightful article, New York trial attorney Vito A Cannavo, Esq. discusses the release of misinformation and how it may result in liability for negligence in a commercial setting under New York law.  By Vito A. Cannavo, Esq  When can the careless provision of misinformation give rise to liability?  Surprisingly, the issue has not […]

“Ministerial Negligence” And the “Special Duty” Rule

In this article, Vito Cannavo Esq., a New York trial attorney experienced in premise liability litigation explains the special duty rule and how this provision can be applied in a municipal liability case. By Vito A Cannavo, Esq. Municipal defendants are prone to argue that they cannot be held liable for “governmental” conduct unless they […]

New York Premises Liability Attorney Vito Cannavo Addresses Validity of Releases Issued to Amusement Park Patrons

In this article, New York lawyer Vito Cannavo, Esq. warns patrons of amusement parks and other recreational facilities not to assume that the “boilerplate” release printed on admission tickets bars them from bringing a lawsuit if they suffer injuries.                       By Vito A. Cannavo, Esq.       Many places of public amusement or recreation require the patron to […]

Municipalities Can Be Held Liable When They Act Like Private Companies

By: Vito A. Cannavo – New York Lawyer –  When a municipality undertakes an activity normally performed by a private company, it can be held liable for damage that it causes.  This rule can help plaintiffs overcome the requirement of a special relationship, which can be a barrier to recovering against a municipality. Two recent […]

New York Premise Liability Attorney Discusses When A Municipality Is Responsible For A Negligent Driver

By Vito A. Cannavo, Esq.  – New York City Trial lawyer, Vito A. Cannavo, Esq.experienced in municipal and premise liability, educates on the issue of a jury’s determination as to whether a municipality is responsible for a negligent driver in car accident lawsuits. A victim can recover against a municipality for injuries sustained in an automobile […]

Landowners’ Liability under New York Law for Conditions on their Property

By Vito A. Cannavo, Esq. New York City, New York  (New York Injury News — New York Injury Lawyers Forum) — Under New York law, a landowner may be liable to a visitor injured on his or her property if a dangerous condition exists that is not open and obvious.  In a case entitled Roros […]

Claim May Proceed To Trial For Person Who Slipped And Fell On Wet Lobby Floor

By Vito A. Cannavo,Esq. Of Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo P.C. When a floor is wet and a visitor slips and falls, the owner of the premises may be liable to the injured party under a theory of negligence.  It is well established that owners and lessees have a duty to maintain their property […]

Media Coverage and Personal Injury Lawsuits Against Public Transportation

Frequently when a personal injury trial gets attention from the press, the media will put a tabloid ‘spin’ on the story to bolster TV ratings and publication sales. The media publicized a recent trial involving injuries to a bicycle rider whom two witnesses stated ran through a red light in Harlem. The case still managed […]