New York CPLR Article 16 by New York City Personal Injury Attorney – Nicholas Papain

New York  City Personal Injury Lawyer Nicholas Papain Explains How New York CPLR Article 16 Modifies the Traditional Common Law Rule of Joint and Several Liability in Products Liability and Other Personal Injury Cases New York does not follow the traditional law of joint and several liability. At common law, when a plaintiff-that is the […]

Food Poisoning and Food Products Liability Claims

By Nicholas Papain, Esq. Food poisoning, a human illness caused by contaminated foods or beverages, remains a common hazard of modern life. Food poisoning encompasses a wide range of symptoms and injuries. The effects may be relatively minor, involving episodes of fevers and chills, muscle aches or nausea and vomiting. More serious food poisoning cases […]

Rights of Workers Injured on a Barge

Nicholas Papain- New York Personal Injury Lawyer, Construction accident attorney Papain on Rights of Workers Injured on a Barge.

New York’s False Claims Act Cleans Up Business Practices and Rewards Whistle Blowers

By Nicholas Papain, Esq. In 2007, New York State enacted into law the New York False Claim Act. The law, modeled after a federal statute created during the Civil War to combat corrupt contractors, imposes liability on those who “knowingly present or cause to be presented to the state or a local government, a false […]

Environmental Toxins: The Lethal Danger of Mold

We live in the age of environmental awareness. With the prices of oil and natural gas sky-rocketing in the commodities market, it is no wonder that we are striving, more than ever, to be greener in our search for alternative, eco-friendly and efficient ways to generate energy. Recycling and making an effort to eat organic […]