The Benefits and Health Risks of Cosmetic Dentistry

In the past decade, obtaining a “perfect smile” has become big business. A large number of teeth-whitening products and treatments have been introduced to market, and are sold at pharmacies and grocery stores. A new industry, “cosmetic dentistry”, has sprung up to meet the demand of Americans unhappy with their natural smile. On one hand, […]

A Vasectomy Instead?

Medical malpractice may occur more often than you think. On a daily basis, it seems like I come across new cases where a doctor’s carelessness leads to harm or injury of a patient. You would think that doctors would be more careful since they deal with the health and lives of other human beings. Here […]

The Tenant’s Policy

New York Premises Liability Lawyer States: Suppose your children leave their skateboards by the front door. A visitor enters your apartment and accidentally steps on one of the skateboards, and falls, fracturing a hip. You could get sued under New York Premises Liability Law.

Medical Malpractice Case that Led to Wrongful Death

Under New York’s wrongful death law, she pursued money damages for the lack of guidance that the children sustained because of Candace’s death. Eventually the case was settled before it went to trial.

Elevator Failures

New York Injury Lawyer states that Lawsuits may be brought against the manufacturers of the elevator if you are injured in an elevator that is defective because of improper design or faulty parts.

Hospital System Failure on Trial in New York

A prominent New York City trial law firm recently obtained a verdict in a medical malpractice case. The trial illustrated the type of systemic failure that we see all too frequently at urban hospitals. “Lorena”, a 57-year old housekeeper from Brooklyn was admitted to a local hospital for an irregular heart beat. At the hospital, […]

Fallen Minister

A 72-year-old retired minister was walking down the sidewalk near Marcy Avenue in Brooklyn when he tripped and fell. The incident took place right at a spot where a subway grate sank two inches below the concrete of the sidewalk surface. As a result, the former minister fractured his right elbow, and required an operation […]

A doctor’s failure to detect ovarian cancer

In a New York City trial in which a doctor failed to detect ovarian cancer experienced New York City Medical Malpractice lawyers explains the medical malpractice case.