How to issue a claim for product liability by New York Product Liability Attorneys

New York City product liability lawyers says – while the applicable laws in regards to defect product cases differ from state to state, there are a couple of legal theories common to all jurisdictions that might form the basis for a winning a successful liability case.

Accidents While Out of the Country : Legal Travel Tips by New York Injury Lawyer

New York City, New York ( — When you are traveling outside of this country it is always a good idea to make sure your health insurance covers you if you become sick or injured in another country. And obviously another good travel tip is that you obey all laws while visiting a foreign country. […]

Negligence Q & A – by New York Injury News

Negligence is deemed by many as one of the most complex terms in regards to the law says New York City Injury Lawyer. If a person is injured as a result of the negligence of another, it may be necessary to contact a personal injury attorney in their area.

Storm Warnings and Premises Liability – City of New York may still be responsible

Vito Cannavo a New York Premises municipal liability lawyer says – The Courts have adopted a defense for a landowner.Questions related to premises liability or product liability law are complex. Consult New York Premises liability attorney.

New York City Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Silent Hazard: Translators in Hospitals

New York law mandates that hospitals provide translators. Robert Sullivan a leading Medical Malpractice attorney from New York City explains law. A hospital’s failure to provide a translator for its non-English speaking patients is a potential setting for medical malpractice.

Who is treating you? Physician or Med Student?

Mineola, New York ( — Several years ago, one of our clients, a 29-year-old woman named “Adriana” delivered her daughter “Leah” by vaginal delivery. Adriana was admitted to a nearby hospital for labor and delivery and was assigned to the on-call attending physician who was to preside over the delivery. However, Adriana claimed that only […]

Social Host Liability by Vito Cannavo – New York City Personal Injury Attorney

New York City premises liability attorneys says – matters of law can be confusing to the average person–especially when it comes to figuring out liability. If you would like a question about New York premises liability, fill out the form below and a member of our panel comprising of leading New York premises liability lawyers can offer legal answers.

The Rights of Undocumented Immigrant Workers Injured on the Job by New York Injury Lawyer

New York Construction accident lawyers says – when a worker gets hurt on the job, New York State law provides that he or she may recover what are known as workers compensation benefits. Get legal answers from New York injury lawyers of NYC Injury news.

The Supreme Court and You

New York City, New York ( —  There are some decisions from the Supreme Court, which in the ordinary course of events will not impact the daily lives of most citizens. Also most of us keep out of the way of the police, so rulings on criminal procedure may not affect us either. However, rulings […]