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E-bikes are being pushed by NY lawmakers

Some lawmakers in New York want to bring e-bikes to the people. This would mean that more people could ride e-bikes since they would be more accessible. The lawmakers are still deciding on all of the details, but this would be a big change for how people get around.

NYC Bike Injury Lawyer Comments

NYC Bike Injury Lawyer Glenn A. Herman a New York City Bicycle Injury Accident Lawyer Says:

The bill passed by the New York State Senate to give purchasers of electric bicycles an $1,100.00 credit is an excellent way to combat pollution and vehicle congestion, especially in New York City. E-bike subsidies are widespread in Europe and have helped in cutting down pollution with as much as 4,000 euros given to people who trade in their cars for bikes. We are not suggesting people give up their cars in New York City, however, so many of us can benefit in many ways by using electric bikes for trips to the grocery store, commuting to work and some models have rear seats to take young children to school. A great advantage of electric bikes is being able to commute to work without working up a sweat. I can speak from personal experience. I often ride to the office with my pedal assist road bike and arrive as fresh as when I left the apartment. Hopefully, the New York State Assembly will also pass this bill and it will be signed by the Governor and enacted into law.

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