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Marketers Feel Betrayed by Google Keyword Blackout

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11/13/2013 // Submit123PR Blog // Qamar Zaman // (press release)

Yesterday, I told you about a farmer who axed his own leg and lost his livelihood, and recently it has been unveiled that something like this could be cooking for the master search engine, Google. Marketers are furious, and many of them feel betrayed by the search giant due to recent updates regarding search that involve what some deem is a keyword blackout. The loss of valuable data could mean going blind for many. SEO would not be dead, but will become more difficult. Some call it a way for the search engine to show its power or hold marketers by their necks, forcing them to indulge in PPC.

Marketers have long assisted the search engine by giving it unique content, billions of web pages that have been indexed and provided it to its users in the return of their queries, and now suddenly the data could get lost. The silent agreement between marketers and the search engine is being zapped by the search engine with recent updates.

Dan Lyons’ blog at Hub Spot reproduced the founder of ‘The Moz,’ Rand Fishkin’s statement about Google encrypting user data. The statement says, “Fishkin says Google is breaching an agreement that it has had with marketers for years. The agreement that marketers and website creators have always had with search engines, since their inception, was, ‘Sure, we’ll let you crawl our sites, and you provide us the keyword data so we can improve the Internet together.”

On the other hand the data will be available for marketer’s using Google sponsored ads. Google AdWords data would be available for marketers planning to make use of these PPC ads.

The concern of marketers here is whether Google is doing this for user privacy concerns, as it is saying, or trying to monopolize and abuse its Internet authority.

When we try to find answers, we again can refer to the Dan Lyons article, which reports Fishkin as saying, “This is Google abusing its monopolistic position.”

There is nothing much any marketer can do now for or against this move. Google is in the position to use and abuse marketers for its own benefit. The best thing that Google has been telling us, or I should say teaching us is that we should build websites for the users and not the search engines. Marketers have had the mindset of working for Google, and have given the search engine enough data to fill its servers and now must leave their fate in the hands of the search engine.

As a matter of fact, marketers could start looking at the other search engines, such as Bing for instance that still provides the user data. But would most marketers make the move to other search engine when they know that Google controls 80% of the search market? People from the US and other parts of the globe do simply “Google” for the things they need. Google has undeniably no longer remained just a search engine. It has become a way of life on the Internet for many.

We will just have to wait and see what happens next. Google may also become concerned and try to simplify things for online marketers.

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