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New York Construction Accident Lawyers says welding accidents include…

08/27/2013 // New York, NY, USA // jcreiterlaw // Jonathan C. Reiter // (press release)

(New York Construction Lawyer News) Welding accidents are some of the most common, and dangerous construction accidents that occur on construction sites. The welding torches and tanks are extremely dangerous to work with states New York Construction Lawyer Jonathan C Reiter. Welding is required for installing steel beams and building the framework of large construction projects, and an accident can have catastrophic consequences for the welder as well as workers that find themselves in the vicinity of an accident of this kind. Even experienced welders can suffer injuries when the equipment is defective.

Common injures seen by New York Construction Lawyers from welding accidents include:

• burns

• eye injuries

• explosion injuries

• lung injuries

• electrocution

These injuries are severe and disabling, and, many times, fatal.

Jonathan C. Reiter, a New York construction accident attorney, with offices located in the Empire State Building, who has handled many construction site accidents, explained the applicable construction law regarding welding accidents, as follows: “There are safety regulations that apply to welding specifically, due to the high risk of injuries to these types of workers. The owner and general contractors are responsible for worker safety on construction sites. They have a legal duty to inspect work areas regularly and to ensure that fuel and ignition sources are isolated. They also have the duty to provide welders with necessary protective equipment including face and eye shields and masks, leather welders vest and gloves, along with special safety shoes. They also have the duty to inspect the welding equipment before each use and do perform leak test on gas torches, gauges and hoses. These requirements are both spelled out in ‘OSHA’ safety rules, and N.Y. Industrial Code safety rules, that set the industry standard for safety in welding activities in the State of New York.”

Mr. Reiter also described the work environment in which a welder typically works, stating: “The owners and general contractors are obliged to provide a properly ventilated room where the worker is welding to minimize the risk of inhalation of gases and particulates in the air. Often, welders are required to work outside, in inclement weather, or on scaffolds or platforms, and in overhead or other awkward positions to accomplish the welding task. Welders are required to lift and carry heavy objects as well, all leading to a risk of accident. One of the most common causes of construction accidents involving welder is fatigue, as welders often work overtime which is defined as more than 40 hours per week. As the muscles of the body fatigue, the risk of accidents rises to unacceptable levels.” Continuing the New York Construction Lawyer adds, “It is only through careful vigilance to all of the safety rules that we can hope to prevent these tragic types of accidents at construction sites.”

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