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Blowing the Whistle on Fraud: What Many Employees May Not Know

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02/25/2013 // San Francisco, California, US // Whistleblower Law Firm // Keller Grover LLP // (press release)

Many people are afraid to expose wrongdoing within their company or organization for fear of retaliation. Putting yourself in the position of speaking out to expose or stop the fraudulent acts of an employer can brings with it a whole new set of potential issues.

Corporations have been known to retaliate against employees who try to expose misconduct, whether internally or externally.

Every employee should be aware of the following three key facts in the event that they choose to disclose information pertaining to the fraudulent or unlawful activities of an employer:

• Whistleblower claims may be protected under more than one statute – Not only are individuals in whistleblowing cases protected under one statute, but more than one provision of the law may afford them protection in their case.

• A number of countries have adopted laws to protect whistleblowers – If fraudulent activities occur in other countries, there are potentially international laws that may be triggered. A number of countries have laws in place, like those in the U.S., to investigate and deter illegal activities which may also protect the whistleblower.

• Subject matter plays an important role in the type of protections afforded to whistleblowers under the law – The type and extent of legal protections granted to whistleblowers can vary according to the type of activities being exposed. An experienced whistleblower attorney can provide individuals with information about how the law applies to their specific case.

Intimidation tactics are less likely to work when employees are aware of their rights to protection under the law.

The law firm of Keller Grover LLP can provide legal assistance to workers or contractors seeking to expose the fraudulent acts of a company or organization. Individuals may visit for more information about how the firm’s attorneys can help.

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