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Mother says school punished daughter for being kicked into broken window

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04/28/2012 // West Palm Beach , Florida, US // justicenews // Justice News Flash

Paris, Texas – A Paris mother is seeking answers after her five year-old daughter’s school failed to notify her that her daughter had been kicked into a window by another student and injured earlier this month. Kenndal Johnson says after he daughter returned home from school, she found an area on her daughter’s head where her hair was cut by being struck by glass when the window broke during the incident.

Johnson says she found out about the details of her daughter’s predicament after the child and a family member who attends the same school told her what happened. Both Johnson’s daughter and the classmate say another student shoved and kicked the young girl more than once, which propelled her into a window, leading it to break.

Johnson met with Aikin Elementary school administrators on April 12 the following morning to inquire about the occurrence, and ask why she was not properly notified. Although she says there was acknowledgement that she should have been called the previous day, Johnson was purportedly told by assistant school principal David Stevens that both girls involved in the incident were “just playing around.” Principal Pat Gilbert was stated to also inform the mother at that time that neither student would be punished for what had occurred.

Although the administrators told Johnson that her daughter would not be punished in connection with the incident, she says she subsequently found a letter from the school in her child’ backpack that indicated she had been given an infraction for the occurrence. Johnson then set up an additional meeting with the school to discuss why her child would be punished for another student’s violent act towards her. During the meeting she says she was informed that the incident had been caught on video surveillance and her daughter’s story of how the events had unfolded were confirmed. However, she says the elementary school maintains their initial position and has refused to take steps to rectify the situation, including a refusal to save the tape of the incident, or correct the actions of the other child involved.

Johnson has filed a level I complaint with the school, but says she fears it will fall on deaf ears. “I want to know that my daughter will be in the hands of individuals who are concerned about her well being while she is in school, and things like this make me afraid to send her back.”

Paris Independent School District is the same district that was the subject of a complaint by the parent of an autistic teen who was reportedly roped by fellow students last year. The mother in that case also alleged the school had failed to take appropriate action against the students involved in the bullying of her son.

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