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Calumet Twp Indiana wrongful death suit: Family of official who drowned sues

07/20/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Tara Monks // Tara Monks

Calumet Twp., IA – The family of a Calumet Township official who drowned during an after-hours pool party on June 25, 2010 filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the man who allowed access to the pool, the city of Blue Island, and others, as reported by the Southtown Star.

Carlos Salgado, 26, was found at the bottom of Memorial Park pool on June 26, the morning after the party that was held for select city officials and their friends, including Blue Island Park District president Fred Bilotto.

Bilotto is the man who allowed partygoers into the pool after the Blue Island Fest.

While an 85-page police report found no foul play, the document describes a scene much like a college frat party, including alcohol, topless and nude women and sex with strangers.

According to the report released Monday, July 19, 2010, the late night party was attended by officials and employees from Calumet Township and the Blue Island Park District. The report finished with the statement, “Based on the investigation conducted by this department, it is determined that Salgado’s death was caused by drowning with no indication of the drowning to have been caused by or at the hands of another.”

Salgado entered the pool to play basketball with other party attendees. It was not clarified if he was intoxicated, but it was noted that others were and that he could not swim.

From there, the party progressed into instances of debauchery, and women ended up nude. At one point, a group of people that included three topless women asked Salgado to leave because he was staring and making the women uncomfortable, according to the report. Nobody from the group knew where he went after that.

While the report chalks the man’s death up to a party mishap, Salgado’s brother is angry.

He explained, “As if the pain from his death wasn’t enough, the feeling that it’s being swept under the rug sickens us…The very thought that political careers may be put before the truth sickens us.”

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