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United Airlines Jet emergency crash-lands at Newark Airport

Legal news for New Jersey aviation accident lawyers—A United Airlines plane crash-landed at Newark Liberty International Airport when one landing wheel failed to drop.

Newark, NJ ( –A United Airlines plane was descending into the airport, carrying 48 passengers, when the pilot discovered that the landing gear malfunctioned, Sunday morning January 10, 2010, according to The New York Times. Flight 634 was making it s final descent into Newark Liberty International Airport when one of the landing wheels would not come down.

The pilot informed all the passengers and crew on board of the problem and instructed them to brace themselves as the plane quickly approached the landing strip. Passengers heard a loud instructive voice that said, “brace brace brace!” before the plane hit the landing strip with only the front and rear wheels out. Passengers were curled up in on the ground when the plane went dark inside and the belly of the aircraft scraped the bottom of the landing strip.

Surprisingly the planes skidded in a straight line despite the lack of a wheel, when it came to a halt. Relieved passengers and crew left the damaged aircraft through the emergency exit chutes. There were no reports of injury to any of the passengers or crew. There were only reports of praise and elation for the pilot’s safe landing despite the dangerous circumstances. Newark Liberty International Airport was temporarily closed for 20 minutes, than all three landing strips were re-opened for operation. Flights were delayed for half an hour afterwards.

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