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Aviation Accident Alert: Fatal plane crash kills father and son

Legal news for New Jersey Aviation Accident lawyers –The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board probe a fatal plane crash in New Jersey.

Cape May, NJ ( –- The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and state police investigate a traumatic plane crash that killed a father and his son Saturday, November 14, 2009, announced the Star-Ledger.

Investigators reported that the aircraft had just taken off from Woodbine Municipal Airport around 11 a.m., when it crashed in a forested area only a mile away from the airstrip. Police and FAA believe that the small single-engine plane could have been attempting to return to the landing strip when it crashed.

The father and his son, identified as 53-year-old Thaddeus Lazowski, and 12-year-old Thaddeus, of Dennis Township, were heading to Indiana for a hunting trip.

The government agency the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a beginning investigation to determine the cause of the plane crash. Investigators still have not determined what caused the fatal and devastating crash.

Reports said that the sky was cloudy with a light sprinkle along with light winds when the plane crashed to the ground.
The manager of Woodbine’s Airport reported that there were no other pilots flying out during Saturday.

The visibility was poor and any pilot that ventured into the sky that day must be trained well enough to be “instrument-rated”. He also said that Lazowski did not appear “instrument-rated”. The tower did not receive any emergency call from the aircraft before it crash landed.

Investigators reported that a friend of Lazowski’s said, Thaddeus was an experienced pilot who enjoyed flying with his son. The two made the trip to Indiana annually and often visited extended family in Maine. The tragic accident continues to be investigated.

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