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Four New York EMS workers injured crash with semi truck

Legal news for New York Truck Accident Lawyers—Four Farnham EMS workers were struck by a semi truck and suffered injuries in New York.

Erie County, NY ( — An emergency vehicle collided with a semi truck Monday night while on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, announced The Buffalo News.

The emergency vehicle identified as a Farnham ambulance was heading southbound with their lights flashing when the driver made a U-turn onto Versailles Plank Road. The semi truck, crashed into the ambulance in the southbound lanes while it was making its turn.
Four of the workers on board the ambulance were injured in the collision and required medical attention.

Emergency medical services (EMS) responded to the scene of the crash to treat and transport the injured medical personnel. Another ambulance transported the four to Lake Shore Community Hospital where doctors and nurses treated their mild to moderate injuries.

Erie County Police officials reported that the four did not suffer from life-threatening injuries. The crash took place Monday night around 9 p.m. The condition of the four emergency vehicle medical personnel is not known.

Police identified the Farnham workers as 62-year-old George Cordia, 30-year-old Scott Cordia; 23-year-old Eric Russell and 67-year-old James Militello. It was not reported where the ambulance was heading, or if the police issued any tickets for the accident.

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