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Personal Injury Notice: PA teen killed in Warrington after cars hit tree

Legal news for Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorneys— teen girl killed and two others injured when car hits tree.

Emergency medical services report teenager suffered fatal injuries in accident where a car crashed into a tree.

Warrington Township, PA ( — A teenage girl, resident of Bucks County, was killed when she was riding in a vehicle that crashed into a tree Wednesday afternoon in Warrington Township, authorities said.

Authorities reported that the driver of the vehicle had lost control and crashed into a tree off of Street Road close to Elbow Lane close to 3p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, which injured one and killed another passenger.

Police have not identified the driver publicly as of yet. The vehicle was traveling with two passengers at the time of the accident. One of the passengers, identified by the Bucks County Medical Examiner as Alexandra Smolin, resident of Chalfont, suffered fatal injuries in the wreck. Emergency medical services (EMS) arrived on the scene to transport the driver and the other passenger traveling in the now damaged vehicle, to the Abington Memorial Hospital to be treated by doctors and nurses.

Police did take note that Alexandra Smolin was still buckled in her seat belt at the time of the accident. The condition of the two teens that were hospitalized for their injuries is not known. The high school where Smolin attended reopened its doors Wednesday as the first day back to school after summer break. This fatal accident, that killed Smolin and injured the two other teenagers, occurred only a mile away from the school.

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