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Construction Accident Alert: New Jersey worker injured by hundreds of pounds of steel

New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyer report that a NJ construction worker was injured on site in Long Valley while transporting hundred pound steel moldings.

Washington Township, NJ ( — A construction worker was involved in an serious accident on site on Ridgeline Drive in Long Valley, when he was moving steel plates from a transporting holder when the plates came cascading onto him trapping him beneath hundreds of pounds, announced the Star-Ledger.

Officials reported the accident to have taken place in the early afternoon in Long Valley located in Morris County on a housing site. Authorities identified the construction worker as 46-year-old Carlos Almeida, resident of Elizabeth Township. Carlos Almeida was trying to lift the steel moldings out of the carrier to move them over to the housing development work site when the heavy steel moldings fell onto him and paralyzed his body under the weight of the metal. Construction workers immediately noticed the situation and ran over to aid Almeida who was trapped beneath hundreds of pounds of steel moldings.

Emergency medical services (EMS) arrived at the construction work-site to transport Carlos Almeida to Morris Memorial Hospital for to be treated by doctors and nurses for his sustained injuries.

Officials announced that Almeida had suffered from a fractured ankle bone and might possibly have experienced some internal wounds from the accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was contacted and will be pursuing a private investigation about the accident.

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