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Firefighters injured, 12 tenants relocated after Kenmore building inferno

Firefighters along with medical emergency services arrived on the scene to salvage a blazing apartment building where 2 firefighters and 1 tenant were injured

Boston, MA ( — A Kenmore square 5 story-apartment building caught fire and has caused more than 30 people—professional and residential to relocate, according to Officials, reported by the Boston Globe. Witnesses stated that the first floor of the building was a blaze as early as 4 am this morning on 21 Bay State Road.

The Condo apartment was home to residents and local dentistry businesses.  Fire Rescue teams quickly responded to the call. 90 firefighters showed to attack the wild flaming building and check if anyone was trapped in the building. Several firefighters were injured working to put out this fiery condo, which cost an expected 1.5 million dollars which went up in smoke.

The fire was so large that the fire department called in reinforcements.  One tenant had needed hospitalization for his exposure to excessive smoke. One firefighter suffered a leg injury while another firefighter was treated by medical emergency services for pains in his chest from combating the fire.

Though the fire caused extensive damage to the apartment building, tenants will most likely be able to move back after couple of months. Investigators are in the process of determining what caused the fire.

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