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Food Plant Knowingly Shipped Peanut Products Contaminated With Salmonella

In a Congressional house panel hearing today, it was revealed that Stewart Parnell, the owner of Peanut Corporation of America, sent corporate e-mails ordering the shipments of bacteria-laden peanut products, brushing aside safety concerns.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), a private laboratory had previously tested the company’s Georgia plant, finding Salmonella in its products. The laboratory then notified the plant of its discovery; however, Peanut Corporation of America chose to sell the products, knowing that they were contaminated.

The congressional hearing was convened to investigate a bacterial outbreak stemming from the Georgia plant. The wave of salmonella cases triggered one of the biggest food recalls in history. The contaminated products are claimed to have caused the death of eight people. More than 600 people claim they became ill after ingestion of the products. The processing plant was closed a month ago.

On Monday, Peanut Corp’s Plainview, Texas processing plant closed after testing found evidence of possible Salmonella contamination. The conditions at the Texas plant were stated to be similar to the conditions in the Georgia plant. To date, over 1900 products containing peanuts have been recalled from the market. A comprehensive list of recalled peanut products, updated in real time, is posted on the FDA’s website. People injured by these products should consult with a products liability attorney. A products liability attorney will investigate the case, obtain medical records, and determine whether a lawsuit for compensation is substantiated.

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