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Electrical Fires

New York Personal Injury Lawyer work related litigation Attorney on Electrical Fires – Burn injuries triggered by electrical fires can be catastrophic. Smoke and toxic gas from the fire can induce comas, cause severe brain damage, and kill.

The heartbreaking tale of a man who plunged to his death after he courageously ran into a burning apartment building in Brooklyn to save the life of his son has been covered in many recent headlines and news stories. The cause of this horrific tragedy? The FDNY believes that the fire started because of a damaged extension cord under a refrigerator. The sad reality is that many electrical accidents could have been prevented. Defective appliances and equipment are the root cause of numerous electrical fires that lead to serious injury and death.

Faulty wiring and heating systems are the cause of many fires each year. In those cases, lawsuits can be brought against those who are responsible, including product liability claims against the manufacturers of dangerous appliances

Landlords and other parties may also be responsible for your fire-related injuries.

Landlords must ensure that wiring in their buildings is up to code and safe. Means of escape must be able to be used without risk of serious injury or death. A fire escape does not good if it exits several stories above ground. Fire escapes and the doors that lead to them must remain accessible at all times. Too often, we hear of landlords who paint shut or, worse, lock closed exit doors and windows. It should surprise no one that these acts of negligence form the basis of lawsuits.

As a homeowner or tenant, you should maintain and test your smoke detector(s) to ensure that they work in the event there is a fire in your home. And, if you do not own a smoke detector then get one. The chance of surviving a fire increases exponentially if there is a working smoke detector in place. It is also a good idea to purchase a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket.

If you and your family have been affected by a fire-related accident and believe you have a case against a manufacturer, landlord or building contractor, you need to contact a skilled and experienced attorney immediately. Attorneys can hire expert engineers and medical experts to analyze your case. You have the right to bring a lawsuit to recover compensation in the form of money damages.

By: Michael N. Block New York Personal Injury Lawyer – work related related litigation Attorney

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