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Man Falls to his Death as a Result of Police Tasering

Brooklyn, New York ( — On Wednesday afternoon, Inman Morales, 35, was killed when he plunged to his death as a result of being hit by a Taser, fired by City police. A Taser is a “Conductive Energy Device” or “CED” that incapacitates with a jolt of electricity that disrupts of muscle function.

At around 3 p.m., the mother of Mr. Morales called the police when she found her son acting uncontrollably in his apartment.

Mr. Morales is believed to have suffered from a mental illness, and he might have stopped taking his prescription medication.

When police arrived at the apartment, a naked Mr. Morales escaped through a window, and made his way out onto a fire escape.

Mr. Morales then jumped onto a ledge of the exterior of the four-story apartment building, and proceeded to grab an 8-feet long fluorescent light bulb from a storefront sign.

Mr. Morales began swinging the fluorescent light bulb, reportedly striking one officer. A lieutenant gave orders to stun Mr. Morales with a Taser. Mr. Morales was then hit with a jolt of electricity, incapacitating his muscles and rendering him motionless. He then plunged, head first, into the concrete pavement ten-feet below. He later died at King’s County Hospital.

At the time of firing of the Taser, no safety apparatus was in place to break the fall.
Backup police were on their way to the scene with an inflatable bag, to cushion falls, when the incident occurred.

A spokesman from the NYPD, Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne, indicated in a statement that officers possibly violated police policies and procedure by using the Taser on Mr. Morales:

“The order to employ the Taser under these circumstances appears to have violated guidelines, re-issued June 4, 2008, which specifically state that “when possible, the CED should not be used…in situations where the subject may fall from an elevated surface.”

The handling of this incident is currently under investigation. The lieutenant who ordered the use of the Taser and the officer who fired the Taser have been given modified, administrative duties.

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