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Dangerous Cribs

New York City, NY — It is shocking to discover that, on an annual basis, defective cribs are one of the leading causes of infant fatalities. Poorly designed or constructed cribs are death traps waiting to happen. Millions of cribs have been recalled in the past because of hazards like: loose mattresses that can suffocate; rails that are wide enough for a baby’s body to slip through and choke; cheap construction, which causes cribs to collapse because of inadequate support hardware; and faulty assembly instructions.

Sadly sometimes, it takes the government years to respond and take action to recall a defective and dangerous crib. For example, in a recent “Simplicity” crib recall, two babies died as a result of strangulation from a dangerous crib.

Fortunately, there are laws that protect us, the consumers, from unreasonably dangerous and defective products. Lawsuits can be brought against manufacturers and distributors of harmful cribs, which cause injuries to our loved ones. These lawsuits send a message to the manufacturers and distributors of defective cribs: We demand that our children be protected from dangerous and defective products!

If a defective crib has injured your child or someone you know, you need to consult with experienced product liability attorneys. The attorneys will hire competent experts and engineers to determine cause of the crib accident. The consultation would cost nothing because most reputable New York product liability attorneys charge a contingency fee. They do not receive a fee unless they have obtained money damages for you.

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