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Recreational Activities Accidents

A recent news story brings to mind an unfortunate reality of what can go wrong while engaging in leisure activities. New York City, NY (New York Injury News) – The heart-wrenching story relates the tale of two sisters out West who went on all terrain vehicles with their father and then fell into an unmarked open mine shaft killing one and seriously injuring the other.

Many accidents arise out of recreational activities such as playground accidents, boating accidents, bicycling accidents and injuries arising out of recreational sports such as football, baseball and basketball.

The common thread in establishing a case to recover money damages for personal injuries is proving fault. For example, when you go to a playground you probably noticed some type of padding under swings or monkey bars. That is there to provide a cushion in case of a fall and to prevent a serious injury – but that safety measure didn’t always exist. Many lawsuits were brought because children were injured when they fell on concrete while playing on swings or monkey bars.

Recently a woman was able to recover money damages from the operator of a skating rink because the mats were all not in place, thus causing her to fall and fracture her ankle.

Even when we take time off from our busy days to relax and enjoy the outdoors, we are all still at risk to getting hurt in an accident. Depending on how the accident happened, you may be able to recover compensation for damages if you are injured.

New York Injury News  

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