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New York City Personal Injury Lawyer  says Dog attacks are events we see frequently in the news. This case involves a pit bull and a boat mechanic from Brooklyn named “Carmine”. Brooklyn, New York (New York Injury News ) — Carmine was a hard worker and preferred to keep his business to himself. He wasn’t alarmed when he moved into his new apartment, located in the back of a house with sign on the window of his next-door neighbor’s house that read “Beware of Dog.” However, over the next few months, Carmine would hear growling and barking coming from the window each time he walked down his driveway.

It wasn’t until a sunny Saturday afternoon; several months after Carmine had moved in that he saw his neighbor (a man named Ralph) who owned the dog. When Carmine walked outside, he heard barking and saw Ralph pulling back on the leash of what was clearly, a very powerful pit bull. Children were playing on the sidewalk across the street. Ralph seemed to be pleased when he saw how berserk his dog became at the sight of the children. The mother of one of the children came outside of her house and called all the children inside and shook her head at Ralph and shut the door behind them. Ralph laughed and tugged his dog into the house.

After another few weeks passed, Carmine walked down his driveway to the front of the house and jumped back when suddenly the pit bull charged him. The dog was tied to a leash that was just short enough to prevent it from reaching Carmine. (But it was close). Carmine might have been the quiet type, but he had reached his limit. He said to Ralph who was washing his car, “That was close – why don’t you take that thing inside?” Dog owners can take remarks about their pets quite personally. Soon, Carmine and Ralph were exchanging insults and before long, Carmine had Ralph in a headlock in the middle of the street. According to witnesses, the dog was in an absolute frenzy with his eyes nearly popping out, barking like mad and pulling over and over again to break from his leash. In one strong heave the leash broke. The dog jumped on Carmine and bit his head, arm, and back – and most severely – ripped off his right ear.

Not only did Carmine sued Ralph, the vicious dog’s owner but he also sued Ralph’s landlord. He claimed that the landlord of the house Ralph rented his apartment from was negligent by allowing a tenant to harbor a dog with vicious propensities and also failing to enforce a lease provision that prohibited pets. Carmine recovered money damage but he continues to have permanent damage to his ear as well as post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the grisly attack.

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