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New York City Product Liability Lawyer – Tips on Defective Products Q & A

New York City Product Liability – Trial Lawyers  – Defective Products Q & A: New York City, NY (New York Injury News) — Announcements of recalls and injuries sustained from defective products seem to be a constant in the news today.

Thousands of individuals become injured annually due to defects in products, even some which are approved by the FDA. The following are answers to a few of the big questions consumers often ask regarding their protection under the law when it comes to being injured by a defective product.

What is considered a defective product?

Defective products are those that contain flaws or malfunctions that can cause injury to a person. These can include drugs, toys, commonly used household items, and various other consumer goods.

What is product liability?

Product liability is the legal category under personal injury law that deals with injuries sustained from defective products. These provisions entitle injured parties with valid related personal injury claims to legal compensation for damages.

What types of accidents may be attributed to defective products in a product liability claim?

Not all companies that manufacture, sell, or distribute defective products do so knowingly and intentionally. Some injuries many occur from accidents in spite of proper labeling and following regulations. Various accidents may be attributed to defective products, including some car accidents, construction accidents, and others caused by mechanical failures. Others may also include those caused by choking hazards on children’s toys or clothing, products that contain chemicals that make consumers ill, and more items. The conditions of an accident must be examined to determine whether it can be attributed to a defective product in this type of liability claim.

Who can be held responsible for product liability?

Manufacturers, sellers, distributors, and marketers of products are some of the potential parties that may be found liable in a product liability claim. Responsibility is determined based on the contribution of those connected to the defective product to one’s injury.

What should I do if I am in possession of a recalled product?

Anyone in possession of a recalled product is advised to follow the guidelines outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or contact the place where the product was purchased for information on the proper steps to take next.

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