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New York bus crash kills one and injures several – New York Injury News

Manhattan, New York ( — A truck crashed into a passenger bus while coming from the Manhattan Bridge on Monday. The crash sent the bus high in the sky and then landed on the sidewalk nearby killing a pedestrian and injuring several others, as reported by police. The dump truck lost control and clipped three other vehicles before it slammed into the bus near Canal and Bowery St. The dump truck also hit a light pole and a fire hydrant.

The Fung Wah passenger bus was loaded with travelers and was going for a tour to Boston city, stopped and came to a halt after it smashed into the United Commercial Bank’s windows. The accident took place at 7:50 in the morning and Lai Ho, a 57 year old woman, died on the spot but the reason behind her death is still under investigation. According to a police spokesman, the woman was killed as she tried to board the passenger bus hurriedly. It is also estimated that Ho died due to the debris that hit her and she suffered a heart attack.

Two of the passengers on the bus along with the truck driver were immediately taken to the nearby Bellevue Hospital. The driver commented that he lost the control as the brakes of the dump truck failed. Police are still investigating the matter in order to come to the final report. According to Remy Rahman, 23 from the Bronx, he is still facing the tremors of this accident as he was waiting to board the bus in a short while.

This accident between the dump truck and the bus was faced after the city of New York suffered from such similar ones, injuring around 24 people.

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