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Surgery Gone Wrong – New York Medical malpractice lawyer explains the tragedy

July 15, 2008 ( - Legal Education, Long Island, Medical Malpractice)

New York City injury/ malpractice attorney  and an expert in Medical medical malpractice cases explains real life story. New York City, NY (New York Injury News) — Even the most routine medical procedure can be fraught with danger. Let me tell you about a sad medical malpractice case that our firm is pursuing on behalf of “Marc”, a 63 year-old retired police officer, who was in excellent physical condition with no known ailments other than arthritic knees. After he retired, Marc scheduled a double knee replacement surgery with a well-known orthopedic surgeon.

After the surgery, Marc was transferred to a recovery room. The next morning Marc’s wife “Rita” received a call from a doctor at the hospital who advised her that there had been an “incident” during the evening and that Marc required intubation. When she arrived at the hospital that morning her husband was in the intensive care unit in a coma.

Rita never got a straight story from the hospital. One story was that Marc was breathing heavily in the middle of the night and another was that Marc had been administered a shot of Benedryl during the night.

As soon as our attorney got on the case, he immediately began the pre-trial fact gathering work called “discovery”. It became clear that there was a delay between the observations of respiratory failure and the institution of emergency measures.  Marc had developed an allergic reaction, which was untreated and led to a heart attack and lack of oxygen to his brain.  While he came out of the coma several weeks later, Marc sustained severe neurological injuries. He needs constant care for the most basic human functions and must now live in a medical facility near his home on Staten Island.

Of course, Marc and his family would rather he have his health back rather than having to prove a medical malpractice case.

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